What You Get For Buying CSGO Prime Accounts?

It doesn’t matter if you are a CSGO veteran or new to the game; CSGO Prime Accounts for sale can help you get ahead in the game. CSGO has been around since 2012 and is still going strong today, with over 25 million players worldwide. This article will talk about everything there is to know about buying CSGO prime accounts for sale.

The benefits of getting a CSGO Prime Account

CSGO Prime Accounts For Sale are accounts with a unique status. Due to their rarity, they also have some special features that can make them more valuable than standard CSGO accounts.

CSGO prime account owners will be able to play in the new Prime Account Matchmaking (PAM) mode exclusively until December 31st, 2019. In this mode, players will not see any player cards or timeouts due to the lack of available data from competitive games on PAM. There is currently no way for an outside observer to distinguish between a regular and a Prime account holder.

After December 31st, 2020, anyone who owns a CSGO prime account can choose whether his/her crate drops go towards banked collectibles or randomly dropped items.

CSGO prime account owners will never lose the rank they achieved in PAM mode. If a player drops below Gold Rank, he/she must play Prime Account Matchmaking until their level is restored – ladder matches against regular accounts do not affect the ranking algorithm.

CSGO prime accounts can be given to friends and teammates through Steam inventory trading or gifting.

A CS: GO prime account does not have any special aesthetic features visible from the outside of the game; it only has one set of weapons skins that the owner cannot customize.

This article covers everything you need to know about CSGO prime accounts for sale.